Reasonable one time registration fee for documents with a reduced fee for couples or for volume. You can register as many documents as you wish. There are no annual fees for registration.

Documents registered on our computerized data base show the following information:

  • Full name of the registrant of the documents
  • Full mailing address, telephone/fax numbers and e-mail address of the document owner
  • Type of documents
  • Current location of documents
  • Name, address and telephone/fax number of person(s) other than the owner who have additional registration cards and have authorized access to the information
  • Registration identification number

    Registration information may be accessed instantly by mail, fax or e-mail by providing your confidential registration identification number.

    We provide 2 wallet-size plastic identification cards with each registration. Extra cards can be supplied for a small additional charge.

    We include an annual registration report and one asset locator spread sheet with each registration.

    We will update the registration information and spread sheet as required for a small additional fee.


    We will also provide storage of the original documents for a special reduced fee for the first year. The documents are registered first and then stored in our insured, secure and fire-proof storage facilities. After the first year we charge a very reasonable annual fee for storing the documents and of course the documents remain registered on our system for as long as you wish. Our annual storage fee is much less than the cost of a safety deposit box.

    Please click here to view the Fee Schedule.